Tube Travel

When I think of Tube Travel, I think of channel surfing on a whole other level. It’s not the idea of being able to travel to London in hopes of finding a map to purchase, only to find your way to where the trains are. It’s more of a vivid imagination into the unknown.

Television is a tube travel platform used by many tube stations across the world. In the not so imaginative sense, it means that television is a vehicle for passengers or an escalator for those seeking to rise higher or lower in the world we live in today.

TV can either make you or break you. For example, watching channels that are unsuitable for minors will allow youngsters to move more easily into hypnosis, when they get older they think it’s ok and part of the social norm. A system of layer cakes begins to stack one onto another as each generation moves onto the next, adopting the norms of television and passing them onto the other.

Then we wonder why the world is so messed up. Here is an idea, monitor everything your kids watch on T.V. regardless of the hour. Our brains absorb all the information our eyes pick up and our subconscious part of the brain acts like a sponge absorbing 100% of everything we see. The problem is that our conscious part of the brain is only aware of about 20% of what’s actually going on, that’s why hypnotists are able to put you to sleep and help you remember things you don’t remember seeing at first until you’re in a state of hypnosis!

This tube system was designed with a goal in mind. Before during radios we were only able to absorb sound, but now that we have the other sense of sight we’re able to see movies, shows, travel news, advertising, and anything regarding what the tube wishes to show. Let us just pretend for a second that it’s a tool for world domination and it’s conditioning us every single day to accept what the norm of tomorrow will be.

Tube travel is real. We dress like the TV, act like the shows, eat like the shows, dress like them too. There isn’t anything in this generation that has not come from the “Tube”. Is it really that hard to see how the future will be?


~ by newideatube on June 24, 2010.

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