Is Chat Roulette Illegal?

If you google the word Roulette something odd pops up. A webcam video chat room called chatroulette is now attracting millions of random strangers from twitter and all over the world! Comedy Central – The Daily Show Jon encounters several reporters and naked, masturbating men as he explores Chatroulette.

Piano Improv played by a piano player has become a popular video from only a video chat between strangers, it is now viewed by many and is circulating the web at Andrey speed.

Who is Andrey you might ask? Andrey Ternovskiy is the new ideas 17-year-old bubble boy prodigy mastermind behind the whole project. Although he is too young to collect from advertising don’t be fooled, he has thousands of investors lining up at his door steps in Russia every day! He even got an ipad before many of us even seen one!

This kid is making it big and it’s only from a 3 day bedroom inspiration, which he claims came to him from watching prisoners getting captured on a tv show and being forced to play russian roulette. The name is catchy and Ternovskiy knows it’s straight to the point. You’re paired without having a choice which makes it that much more exciting every time you play.

Parents have a concern of whether the site is legal or not. You have to be 16-years-old or older to chat, and sex and nudity are prohibited; however many who use the site will notice people engaged in sexual acts from time to time. Currently there is no way to keep everyone from breaking rules when coming on the site and it’s up to parents to take control of their kids until a solution is found.

To check out ChatRoulette! and see what all the hype is about, go to

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~ by newideatube on April 5, 2010.

One Response to “Is Chat Roulette Illegal?”

  1. LOL no its not illegal.

    Over 60 sites like chat roulette/omegle, check it out.

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