Who Built the Pyramids?

The grand pyramid of giza. 2,3 million blocks of granite. it is 481 feet tall. the base measures 13 acres². it is 1/4 inch off center. the accuracy is so outrageous, no way engineering companies can do that. modern telescope buildings don’t come close to that accuracy. Pyramids had to be built so dynastic egypt functioned every 20 years. At 10h a day, 7 days/week, 365 days a year, they would have to place a stone every 2 min. for 20 years. 

Being farmers, they would only have been able to work 3 months a year, during the flood season. that would add up to one stone placed every 2 sec… for 20 years… and we havent mentioned the process of cutting and transporting the blocks.

On thousands of walls, the information of everyday life is recorded, but no mention of how they were built, or for which pharaoh they were built. Some had 40 ton slabs on the tombs, they were all intact and on the tombs at discovery. also, modern cranes can lift up to 1000 tons. there are statues in the desert and in the valley of kings that weigh far more.


~ by newideatube on March 30, 2010.

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