Feeling a Higher Power

We feel it when we’re lost and need guidance. We feel it when we’re scared and need protection. A force within us that is so great, it trembles the very foundations of existence. We fight everyday and wage war against one another, we are all born into religious cocoons and spill blood of our enemies to protect our faiths. When we breathe do we not feel a purpose? Is it so hard to see that our eyes are made of billions of perfect and tiny intricacies that no technology can reproduce? We say this all happens by chance, but by what chance do we have the authority to keep doing this to one another? Has all the evidence been lost and distorted? It seems that over time the noise just grew louder and to find that beacon of truth seems impossible.

We live our days and hope for a better tomorrow. We love, laugh, play and cry. We’re all in the same boat together drifting in one direction. It seems that along our journey we took pride and authority over one another, we started protesting for votes against one another; some of us claiming to have an idea of where to steer the ship. Today the ship has many paths, but still one destination. Until we learn to work together and until we find within ourselves the unity through education that explains we are all equal, we will always be a ship with many captains.


~ by newideatube on March 30, 2010.

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